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Can I Be Hypnotized?

The short answer to that question is almost certainly “Yes!”

Only a tiny number of people actually cannot experience hypnosis in any meaningful sense. These are people who are physically completely unable to focus their attention. They are completely unable to understand or follow instructions.

People who are only unwilling to do those things actually can be hypnotized after they agree to cooperate with the hypnotist.

So why is the answer almost certainly yes? Let’s explore that.

Normal Brain Function

Hypnosis uses completely normal brain functions.

Have you ever learned anything? Have you ever imagined anything? Have you ever paid attention to something? Have you ever followed instructions? Have you ever daydreamed?

You have already used some of the functions that make hypnosis possible!

You Already Experience Hypnosis

Most people automatically enter a state of hypnosis dozens of times a day. They may not be doing anything useful in the state but it is an entirely normal experience.

Daydreaming, mentioned above, involves a form of hypnosis. If you spend time worrying about a future event and telling yourself how bad it will be then you are performing self-hypnosis. When you spend time thinking great thoughts about a future event and telling yourself how great it will be then you are again performing self-hypnosis.

If you have ever gotten “lost” or “caught up” in a good book or TV show or movie, forgot about everything else and had emotional reactions to characters that aren’t real, then you have already experienced a form of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a Skill

Research has shown that the state of hypnosis itself is a kind of skill. It can be induced by your hypnotist but your mind does it. Like any other skill some people are naturally better at it than others. And some people have just had more practice.

The important thing is that hypnosis is a skill. You can learn that skill! You can get better at it with practice. And, of course, your hypnotist can teach you and greatly accelerate your progress.

Clients who experience hypnosis and hypnotherapy on an ongoing basis can become deeply proficient at this skill.

And that is why I say that you can almost certainly be hypnotized. You have probably been using hypnosis your entire life without realizing it. It becomes so much more powerful when you use it intentionally.

Thanks for reading!

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