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Relieve Stress with Hypnosis

You can relax and naturally release stress, tension, worry, and anxiety. Hypnosis can help you break free from the thought loops that keep you feeling stuck.

Stress may be the defining feature of modern life. Over 70% of people regularly experience physical and psychological problems caused by stress. Nearly half of them say their stress is only growing. Can you relate?

It creates problems in your personal life. It creates problems in your professional life. The constant worrying, the inability to focus, the poor judgement, the "What if?" negative thinking. You procrastinate, finding ways to avoid facing the problem. Performance begins to suffer.

Manifesting as worry, tension, and even anxiety, stress is a weight upon your mind. Carry it long enough and it leaves you feeling exhausted. And that only makes you feel frustrated, agitated, overwhelmed, and burned out. You can panic or even break down.

Eventually it even begins to affect your body. Insomnia, lowered sex drive, upset stomach, weight fluctuations. It can lower testosterone and disrupt or worsen menstrual cycles. And that's only the beginning.

Stress breaking pencil lead

Stress doesn't go away on its own.

Sure, you can treat the symptoms with massages and spa days. You may even find relief with drugs, drink, or food.

But life happens, and stress is something we all face. When you use temporary solutions that only treat the symptoms, you have to use them for the rest of your life.

Those short term, bandaid fixes cannot help you take back control of your life.

Hypnosis helps you take control.

Experience profound physical and mental relaxation first-hand during the session itself. Many clients have forgotten what it feels like to simply relax their bodies and their minds and take a break from their burdens.

Explore the very nature of thought and update your thinking. Transform your emotional experience of the world around and within you. When you control your thinking you choose your experience.

Learn valuable tools and skills to help you navigate and manage the stress that inevitably occurs in life. You will deal with stress and anxiety automatically and effortlessly.

Hypnosis helps you reprogram your mind. Shift your perceptions and reactions. Form more useful associations.

Break the cycle.

Peaceful Meditation on a Mountain

You don't have to be stuck anymore. You can deal with stress. You can cope with anxiety. You can release the tension. You can experience peace of mind. And you can do it naturally.

I'm Dean Ellis, founder and principal hypnotist of Paradigm Hypnosis. I have used hypnosis and self-hypnosis to manage and alleviate stress throughout my life: in college, working at tech startups, as a member of executive management teams, running my own business, and being a husband and father.

It makes a difference.

Let me help you make a difference, too.

Hypnosis can do much more than help you relieve stress. Click here to learn more about my other services or Contact Me if you have questions.

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