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Hypnotic Coaching

You want more out of your life, out of your work, out of yourself. Hypnotic coaching helps you reach your potential, so you can achieve more, meaningfully.

Top performers have coaches. Period. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, even said, "Everyone needs a coach."

If you don't know where you're going, you can't know how to get there. You won't know when or even whether you've arrived. You need a clear sense of your goals so you can plan your route and measure your progress.

If your goals don't matter, you won't bother. Too often we lose sight of what really matters. It becomes impossible to distinguish priorities or to find the motivation to keep moving forward. You need the "Why" that fuels your progress.

"You can't read the label from inside the jar". Most of the time, we're simply too close to our situation, too caught up in momentary turbulence, to see what's right in front of us. Sometimes we are our harshest critics, when what we really need is an impartial and objective view. You need a different perspective that leads to clarity and genuine self-awareness.

You need a coach.


Good Enough Isn't.

Your mind and body are highly optimized to deliver the results you already experience. Are you satisfied with your current results?

Maybe you don't know what to do. What helps you to find your answers? What helps you to find your solution? What helps you to develop and access your own resources?

Maybe you already know what to do, but where is the accountability? What helps you to stay on track? What helps you to keep moving forward? What helps you to keep showing up?

Something has to change. You don't always get to choose or influence your circumstances, but you can choose and influence the way you respond to your circumstances. Are you responding powerfully, usefully, and meaningfully?

Only you know when the best time to make the change was, but the second best time to make the change is now.

Hypnotic Coaching is the Gateway to More.

Coaches help you find YOUR answers. Rather than imposing their own values, perspectives, and answers onto your situation, where they probably can't fit.

Coaches help you THRIVE. You shift into a growth mindset, identifying and enhancing your strengths, improving your decision-making and your communication. Confidence comes easy when you operate from a position of clarity.

Coaches see YOU. A coach "has your back", without judgement, helping you discover your genuine drives so motivation becomes automatic. Helping you embrace the discomfort zone where real personal and professional growth takes place.

Coaching helps you make an impact in the areas that REALLY matter. Hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming make that impact even more powerful. These tools are used where appropriate to facilitate perspective shifting, solution orientation, skill amplification, and state management.

New Mindset New Results concept on blackboard

Whether you're interested in life coaching to make an impact in your personal life, or executive coaching to make an impact in ways that align with corporate goals, I've got your back. Just as change and growth are a process, coaching is a journey. You need a partner to help you remain on course along the way.

I'm Dean Ellis, founder and principal hypnotist of Paradigm Hypnosis. I help my clients achieve greater clarity, motivation, and success through the same tools I have used successfully throughout my own personal and professional life. In addition to extensive training and experience with hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and related practices, when it comes to coaching I bring a wealth of other resources to bear.

There are important things to understand about coaching, and specifically my own hypnotic coaching practice, however.

What Coaching Is Not

There are differences between coaching and other practices. Let's highlight a few distinctions:

  • This is not "athletic coaching". I will not create a playbook for your life and call your plays for you. A major outcome of coaching with me is formulating your own goals and making your own decisions.
  • This is not "consulting". I will not evaluate your situation to tell you everything that is wrong about you and which predefined solutions to implement. My coaching process is determined entirely by your values, your goals, and your unique strengths. It evolves with you.
  • This is not "hypnosis" or "hypnotherapy". Those are focused on delivering rapid solutions to specific issues. Coaching involves a longer term, ongoing relationship, focusing on your overall trajectory rather than a single, discrete problem.

I am a coach, not a cheerleader.

There are differences between my coaching style and others. Let's highlight a few of those, as well:

  • I will hold you to a higher standard than you have held yourself.
  • I will challenge you, push you, to break through your complacency.
  • I will celebrate your wins with you, and then I will demand more.

I have helped companies and employees achieve and execute on clarity of vision and purpose. I have helped individuals develop within their professional and personal lives. I have helped individuals and corporations improve and optimize their performance via high impact changes and compounding growth.

It's your turn, now.

Hypnosis can help you resolve very specific problems, too. Click here to learn more about my other services or Contact Me if you have questions.

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