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How Many Hypnosis Sessions Do I Need?

Many people want to know how many hypnosis sessions it will take to achieve their desired goal. The short answer is, as usual, “It Depends”, and that’s simple, honest truth.

Research Says…

Research shows a couple of things.

First, change with hypnosis is much faster than change without hypnosis. That means fewer sessions compared to conventional techniques. It also means a smaller investment of time for you.

Secondly, more sessions of hypnosis produces better overall outcomes than only one session of hypnosis. Some hypnotists market hypnosis as a magic wand that makes everything you can imagine possible with only one session. And, yes, sometimes hypnosis does in fact work that way. Sometimes it doesn’t.

It Depends On…

First, it depends on what you want. Yes, research shows that multiple sessions delivers the best overall outcomes for clients. But that doesn’t mean a large number of sessions are required. It doesn’t even mean that more than one session is required. It means what it says on the can: more sessions means better overall outcomes. Do you want the very best overall outcomes, or are you satisfied with “good enough”? Sometimes good enough really is perfect.

Secondly, it depends on your hypnotist. An inexperienced hypnotist may simply need more sessions to complete the work. This factor can be less important if you are a great hypnotic subject, yourself.

Finally, it depends on you and the change you want. Some challenges are simply too large or complex to address in one or two sessions. Some work can also take more sessions if you resist the change or some aspects of the work, or if you are not completely forthcoming with your hypnotist. One of the more common examples of this is weight management. In many cases, the weight problem is caused by behaviors that are driven by unresolved emotional tensions. Sometimes clients do not want to address or resolve the emotional drivers, and that can prolong the work.

Compounding Gains

Investors use the concept of compounding gains: they reinvest their earnings so that their investment and their earnings grow continuously. Small gains reinvested create huge profits in the long term.

Multiple hypnosis sessions have a similar effect: you improve yourself, then you improve that, and then you improve that, so that your investment in yourself grows continuously.

One is Better than None

So there really is no definite and guaranteed answer to the question. It depends! But even one hypnosis session is better than nothing at all. Discuss your situation and your desired outcome with your hypnotist. No matter how many sessions you want, that will always be your first step.

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