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How Much Does Hypnosis Cost?

One of the first things many people want to know is how much hypnosis and hypnotherapy cost. You may be tired of hearing "It Depends", so let's dig a little deeper.

What is Hypnosis?

Interestingly, many people want to know how much hypnosis costs without even really understanding what hypnosis is, or what type of hypnotherapy service they are asking about.

It's a little bit like asking, "How much does a car cost?" Well, that depends a great deal on what kind of car it is, what condition it is, how many upgrades or additional features it includes, reputation, availability, and a host of other features, including what that particular car may be worth to an individual buyer.

Groups, Recordings, One on One

There are many different ways to make use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There are many types of prerecorded content: audio sessions, video sessions, mobile apps, webinar-style group sessions, and intensive multi-session programs. There are also many forms of live hypnosis, including one on one private sessions, small groups, and large seminars.

Exceptions always exist, but, in general, cost will be least expensive for lower end audio recordings, and most expensive for live, on on one private sessions. The more people who can "use" a single "session", the lower the cost will tend to be.

Desired Change

The reality is that some problems are more complicated than others. This means that you may need more sessions to resolve them, and that you may need to work with someone with either specialized training or greater overall competence. All of those factors will typically result in a higher price, overall.

Your desired "degree of success" is also relevant. You may be satisfied with "good enough" results, which can be less expensive. If "good enough" is not, in fact, good enough for you, then that will typically lead you toward more expensive options.

Hypnotist, Location

Pricing varies by hypnotist. Sometimes you work with someone who can and will process insurance claims, and most times not. Some hypnotists charge more than others because of the nature of their work, their particular degree of expertise, or simply because they are overbooked.

Location can affect price, especially for "live" sessions. A hypnotist who lives in a very expensive city will have higher rates than someone who doesn't, which is true of every other profession.

Professionals and experts will generally cost more, as well. Some people only work with experts, which is understandable, however if people only worked with experts, there wouldn't be any experts. As with many things in life, though, sometimes you do "get what you pay for". You may be deciding between spending more money to save time (getting faster, more powerful results), or spending more time to save money.

Different hypnotists also have different pricing structures. Some may only offer single sessions, without discounts. Some may offer discounts or payment plans for packages of multiple sessions, or may have subscription offers that include discounts as well.

Opportunity Costs

It's more than just a marketing tactic. You should consider what it costs to NOT use hypnosis or hypnotherapy. This is a common problem for smokers, for example, who may be spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year only to die ten years sooner than they probably would have as non-smokers, to say nothing of the impact to their quality of life in their final years.

Hypnosis may very well cost significantly less than the alternatives.

Making Informed Choices

The best idea will be to find a hypnotist who seems like a good fit for you, based on the way they work and how they communicate. Talk directly to them about the services and products that they offer, what hypnosis and hypnotherapy mean in their practice, and what you "get" when you engage their services.

You will then be in a much better position to understand whether and how much you are ready to invest in yourself.

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