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Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis

Paradigm Hypnosis Smoking Cessation

If you want to quit smoking forever, then let me help you become a non-smoker easier than you ever thought possible using my smoking cessation protocol.

The techniques I use are based on the Roehm Smoking Cessation Protocol, techniques taught by Igor Ledochowski of the Hypnosis Training Academy, the work of Bruce Eimer, Ph.D, and my own experience helping clients quit smoking.

Questions and Answers

How many sessions does your Smoking Cessation protocol require?

My technique is designed to be successful using a single session. Some clients purchase future appointments in advance for their own peace of mind.

How long is your Smoking Cessation session?

My normal single sessions take up to one hour. My Smoking Cessation protocol typically requires more time, taking up to two hours.

What are the most common reasons for your Smoking Cessation protocol to require additional sessions?

The number one reason is simply that the client does not truly want to stop smoking yet. I actively work to identify such clients before the session, so that they do not waste their time or money. I will only proceed if I believe the client is ready to stop smoking.

The next most common reason is an unstable motivation for change. This is typically the result of an extrinsic motivator, almost always a person other than the client themselves. Ex: someone who stops smoking solely in order to please someone else (such as a spouse) may resume smoking to "punish" the other person during a conflict. I actively work to identify and circumvent unstable motivators before and during the session.

The least common reason is an issue called "secondary gain". Ordinarily, this is caused by the existence of an unconscious benefit to smoking, resulting in the client eventually resuming smoking in order to receive that "payoff". This is far more common with weight problems than smoking. Again, I actively work to identify and circumvent secondary gains before and during the session.

How much do additional, follow up sessions cost?

If for some reason you want a subsequent session after the initial Smoking Cessation protocol, this will be priced at normal session rates. Repeating the full protocol will generally be unnecessary.

Can this work even if I have been a smoker for decades?

Absolutely. It doesn't matter whether you are an occasional social smoker or have been smoking daily for dozens of years. If you are ready to stop smoking, then I am ready to help you make that change.

Does this work for vaping, dipping, or chewing, too?

Yes. The processes I use help you stop any form of nicotine consumption, including vaping, dipping, chewing, and even nicotine "replacement" products like patches and gum.

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