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New Years Resolutions

Journal entry: Actually, I can!

Almost 90% of New Years Resolutions fail, most of the time abandoned even before the end of January. Why does that happen? How can hypnosis help make them stick?

What Do You Actually Want?

Many people do not actually understand their goals. What they really want. WHY they want it. What it will do for them once they have achieved the goal. They lack clarity.

When you lack clarity, you lose focus. Think of it like eyesight. It's easy to read when everything is clear and in focus, but almost impossible when you lose focus and everything gets kind of blurry.

Too Few Details

Similar to lacking clarity, a New Years Resolution can be too vague and poorly defined. It may lack meaning, or the "next step" may be unclear. A very common example is saying, "I want to lose weight".

If you've ever lost anything, you know that your immediate reaction is to try to find it again. So most people don't actually want to "lose" weight, right? In fact, most people would like to reduce some inches or release excess body fat rather than "lose weight".

Even that is vague. How much? By when? Using what steps?

Too Many Details

Some people go to the opposite extreme. They know exactly what they want, when they want to have it, precisely how they want to achieve it, their precise emotional state upon receiving it, and so on.

This can be more useful, temporarily, but it's also a recipe for failure. There's no room for "life happens", and "life" definitely happens. There's no room for flexibility and adaptability. There's such an obsessive, laser-like focus on one narrow outcome that they end up missing all the other better opportunities.

Most of the time it's a way of chasing an impossible perfection, which is just another way of giving yourself excuses to quit on the verge of success.

Ten Thousand Directions at Once

Some New Years Resolutions just cover too much ground. People sabotage themselves by trying to do 10,000 things at one time. It's like trying to drive your car to 10 different destinations, each in a completely different direction. You just end up going nowhere.

The Motivation Trap

We've all gotten caught up in the motivation trap. The initial enthusiasm for change. We want it, and thinking about it feels good, and we get started and that feels good, and then......

If the only thing fueling your change is "motivation", you exhaust that pretty quickly once the initial enthusiasm fades, and you just walk away from the dream, returning to your old patterns.

The Negativity Trap

Likewise, we have negative attitudes toward ourselves, or our ability to achieve the goals. Our self-talk may sabotage our progress. We may let a simple mistake or a single misstep blow up into a total failure, instead of recognizing that we just need a minor course correction.

This also manifests in setting unattainable goals. There is a definite difference between setting a goal in your "discomfort zone", something where you really do need to push yourself, and setting up a goal that is factually doomed from the beginning.

Hypnosis for Successful Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are like any other goal or change. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you successfully achieve your resolutions. Your hypnotist is a lot like a coach or personal trainer, helping you:

  • Achieve real insight into what you truly want, why you want it, and what that will do for you.
  • Define specific and measurable steps along your change process.
  • Help you automatically make the right choices toward your goal.
  • Release the old conditioned thoughts and thought processes that created the problem, and forming new and better processes at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

I paraphrase Albert Einstein when I say that you can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking that created them. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are one powerful way of discovering a new kind of thinking, so that you can achieve your New Years Resolutions for a change.

More Information

I have written several other articles about how hypnosis can help improve your life on this site, just click here to find them. If you want more detail I have also written a short PDF document you can get for free.

Make the Change

If you have already made up your mind to make 2022 your best year ever, and you want to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy so those New Years Resolutions really stick this time, click below to get in touch.

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